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A middle school for l4d crack
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HERE you will find all my art! Mostly silly little comic strips based off of video games or the Family of Hoods.



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Hey all! I'll be posting most of my artwork and assignments from school to this artblog

Feel free to follow, it would mean a lot. :> It is definitely more active than my DA, which needs to go through a cleanup! 


This is the moment before Blake gets captured by the Saints Boss and held captive to use as leverage against the Deckers since he's one of the co-leaders in the rp. BLAKE BELONGS TO :iconboburto: <3 Skull is Jerek, my oc from the other picture I posted earlier. THEeee Baesss... did a lot of experimenting in photoshop with this picture for the colors. Came out pretty crazy. 
OH OH OH... did you think you would ever see these two troublemakers again? THATS RIGHT. That's Luu and Scuttle as modern day assassins from an AC rp/universe. So yeah, they're human. Luu belongs to :iconthelizangel: and scut's is mine.
Decker Bros
This is a picture of mine and :iconboburto:'s OCs as deckers from Saints Row: The Third. Jerek is mine and Blake is Bob's. I LOVE BLAKE SM HES SO COOL. BUT YES... this is from an AU where they co-lead the gang as Skull and Ghost, which resulted in the gang symbol as it is a combination of the two. :y AND YA BLAKE'S BAT says FUCK YOU
Purge - Dawsbury
For :icondawsbury: I FINALLY FINALLY HAD TIME TO REDESIGN this guy, which I've been wanting to do from the day I made Cue in 2011 and I'm finally happy with it. :>

Name: "Purge"

Age: Probably around 50ish when he completely lost himself to darkness 
Gender: Male
Height: Varies, skeleton is 6'5"

Species: Living Shadow
Alignment: Vigilante 

Physical Description: Completely engulfed in physical darkness, which makes his body a black silhouette. The only features that can be seen are his demonic teeth and piercing white eyes which glow to varying degrees. These are mostly superficial, as the number and placement of his eyes are constantly changing. Shadows are constantly whisping around his form, making it difficult to really see the shape of it. The picture I have made his form lightened so people actually know what it looks like. Only in very bright areas will you see his form and shape, which Purge makes sure to avoid at all costs

Personality: His personality is very tricky to explain. While he did have a emotions while he was younger, it was long ago. The extent of his self-training/experimentation and research had stripped him of all emotions except for a select few that cling to him as the last bits of humanity that remain. 

He detests anything that isn't what he can use as a weapon, and the only thing he uses as a weapon is darkness. Anything living is a target for him, and destroys everything in his path. Reason very rarely will work on him, as torturing and ripping apart people are one of the few things that still interest him enough to pursue such actions, as causing death is what feels like an accomplishment to him as well as entertainment. He has gained a disgust for humans and his hate has completely consumed him, making him believe himself to be an elite being whose purpose is to make humans extinct.

However, more recently as his emotions continue to disappear, his rage has waned and he sometimes listens to what his victims have to say before messing with them. Like a cat playing with its prey. 

History: Purge started off as a meta-human scientist with powers of Darkness Manipulation. He researched meta-humans, wishing to gain more knowledge about their existence and the extent of powers and what their purpose and limitations were. His research consumed him, causing him to push the limits of his training, discovering and unlocking new abilities. He grew insane trying to figure out where it began and how far it could go, his own power slowly ascending to another level and destroying his physical and emotional self. Soon he began experimenting on other people, capturing them against their will and torturing them to their deaths.

Darkness ate at his mind and he turned himself into a monster whose past life is all but forgotten to him. Now with his purpose blinded, he went on a chaotic murdering spree during the peak of his reign, killing both humans and other gifted humans.

Purge created a lot of tension between humans and metahumans, instilling much of the fear that humans justified Dawsbury for. Soon endless killing became boring to Purge, and he retired to a secluded location and basically disappeared of the face of the planet.

Before the darkness consumed him completely, Purge realized that he might not live forever and he would need someone to continue his work if he were to die or be killed. He easily kidnapped a non-meta human woman and raped her, forcibly impregnating her and keeping her as his prisoner in his secluded lair. The woman grew weaker and weaker as her pregnancy progressed, and Purge realized that she was trying to kill herself and the baby within her by starving herself. He was evil and she didn't want his reign to continue, plus the trauma from being kidnapped and tortured by Purge messed her up to the point where she could hardly function. 

He ripped the fetus from the woman's stomach and wrapped it in a womb of darkness. To preserve the baby for the remaining month in incubation, he kept the woman's body still attached and suspended in the darkness with it. The baby was named Cue, and because of his rough development, he was born underweight, small, and very weak. Cue was born as a meta-human, and possessed the same powers that Purge began with, Darkness Manipulation. Purge raised Cue on his own, believing that one day he could surpass his own strength since Cue literally was born from darkness.

Only, as Cue grew up he proved himself too weak physically and mentally to fully unlock his powers. This frustrated his father and only made him more relentless and cruel with his attempts to train his son. He is forever disappointed in his son and is sickened with him, though cannot kill him since it is his only living heir and the only one he will get. 

Purge's cruel treatment to Cue has caused his son to run away from home. Cue's existence is off the books, and no one knows that the powerful Purge had a son.

Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Nothingness Manipulation, which is what unlocks after Darkness Manipulation is completely mastered. Mastering Darkness Manipulation therefore grants him the ability to manipulate the very particles of existence. Manipulating Nothingness means that he can make objects, emotions, and beings stop existing. He banishes them in between the space between shadows and the real world and it was like they were never even there. He is powerful enough to create his own darkness, which is actually what most of his body is made out of. (Purge's skeleton is all that remains under the darkness he constantly keeps himself wrapped in) 

To try and explain this more simply for rp purposes, he makes darkness pull things into the shadows and leaves them there forever, which wipes it from existence. The shadows allow him to move around quickly, pretty much teleporting between them. He is strongest at night, and even stronger while he is in the dimension between shadows. If someone is pulled down into it, they very rarely come out.

With darkness, he can create physical shapes that he can control as an extension of himself or from shadows. (Claws, spikes, tendrils, etc) Remaining in the darkness is what heals his injuries if he were to gain any, almost like an incubator. He also feels connected to anyone else with darkness powers (since HE IS the physical manifestation of it), which is how he can keep track of his son.

Weakness: Light. Especially natural sunlight. 

Other: The only reminiscent part of his mortal life that remains is his first name, Erik. 

Cue's Ref…
Jerek - Saints Row AU
THIS IS an OC I made a while ago named Jerek, however I just threw him into a Saints Row AU as a Decker gang leader. :> I made a tumblr account for him for ASK/RP purposes!! PLEASE BOTHER HIM he's really a big loser LOL.

Jerek (c) me


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