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A middle school for l4d crack
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HERE you will find all my art! Mostly silly little comic strips based off of video games or the Family of Hoods.




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Hey all! I'll be posting most of my artwork and assignments from school to this artblog

Feel free to follow, it would mean a lot. :> It is definitely more active than my DA, which needs to go through a cleanup! 


Jerek - Saints Row AU by DragonRider13025
Jerek - Saints Row AU
THIS IS an OC I made a while ago named Jerek, however I just threw him into a Saints Row AU as a Decker gang leader. :> I made a tumblr account for him for ASK/RP purposes!! PLEASE BOTHER HIM he's really a big loser LOL.

Jerek (c) me
Cue - Dawsbury by DragonRider13025
Cue - Dawsbury
ref for :icondawsbury:

Name: Cue

Age: 11
Gender: Male
Height: 4'5"

Species: Living Shadow
Alignment: Civilian

Physical Description: Very thin and pale. His entire body is monochrome, so his blood is black and the inside of his mouth/organs are various shades of gray. 

Personality: He likes to keep to himself mostly, and is very shy. He prefers to observe and assess a situation before speaking on the matter. He can take care of himself, having to do so for most of his life since his dad didn't really know how to raise a child properly. Cue is quiet, and a little naive; his perspective on what is good/bad is skewed due to his father's upbringing. For the most part he is very curious about how regular people go about their everyday lives, which outweighs what his father taught him about being a superior species to everyone else.

History: Cue's father is infamously known as a meta-human who called himself Purge, who went on a chaotic murdering spree during the peak of his reign, killing both humans and other gifted humans. His father is known for being relentlessly cruel and his hatred for everything that isn't darkness. He mastered Darkness Manipulation therefore granting him the ability to manipulate the very particles of existence. Manipulating Nothingness means that he can make objects, emotions, and beings stop existing. He banishes them in between dimensions and it was like they were never even there. He is powerful enough to create his own darkness, which is actually what most of his body is made out of. (Purge's skeleton is all that remains under the darkness he constantly keeps himself wrapped in) Basically he makes darkness eat what he wants destroyed and it disappears. Cue's father actually started erasing his own emotions, which left him emotionless and caused him to want to destroy any life he came across. Purge created a lot of tension between humans and metahumans, instilling much of the fear that humans justified Dawsbury for. Soon endless killing became boring to Purge, and he retired to a secluded location and basically disappeared of the face of the planet.

After destroying his wife, he was left with his only son, Cue (who he kept alive since he was gifted with the same powers as him) Only Cue was too weak physically and mentally to fully unlock his powers. This frustrated his father and only made him more relentless and cruel with his attempts to train Cue. He is forever disappointed in his son and is sickened with him. The only reason he doesn't kill him is because he needs someone to carry on his evil reign in case he dies or gets killed. Only one who has the potential to have his same exact powers is worth that position.

Purge's cruel treatment to Cue has caused his son to run away from home. Cue's existence is off the books, and no one knows that the powerful Purge had a son. Cue's ability to slip between shadows made it easy for him to travel into Dawsbury, which he learned about to be an accepting place for someone with powers like himself. Only knowing the abuse his father had raised him with, Cue wishes to find some friends or someone who would accept him, even if he is weak. 

Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Like his father Purge, Cue was born with the ability to manipulate darkness; which means basically forming anything out of solid darkness (weapons, shapes, claws, powerful tendrils, etc). However, Cue is too weak to use his powers to their full extent. He can only use his powers to shift into a 'shadow-form' against any solid surface, and travel between shadows. Whenever he is stressed, it causes lightbulbs or other nearby light-sources to flicker. He is very cold to the touch, because his presence naturally expels light which makes the flesh feel cold. 

Weakness: Bright lights cause irritation for Cue. However it is usually only natural sunlight that will make his skin burn (think of like a vampire). Prolonged exposure to direct light will make Cue weak and can revert him back to his most basic form, which is a tiny blob-like shadow. Physically he is also very weak, and has little to no muscle due to being malnourished for most of his life. 

Other: Has a fondness for sweets, and animals (cats especially). The internet was the only source of contact Cue had with the rest of the world before escaping his father's clutches.
  • Listening to: daisy bark
  • Playing: NEIN
  • Eating: Nothin
  • Drinking: water
My friend just made a really cool RP group if you're into serious RPing that has to do with people with superpowers!! CHECK IT OUT IF YOU'RE interested!  



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