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December 9, 2012
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Judas - PostApocalypseNYC by DragonRider13025 Judas - PostApocalypseNYC by DragonRider13025
NAME: Judas, Judd

AGE: 30

SEX: Male

GANG: Ex-Gorepeak, Still Tomb

RANK: Leader

NATIONALITY: Israeli/Danish


Height: 6’6”

WEAPON(s): Sawed-off Shotgun, katana sword, small hunting knife hidden in his jacket. When Judas kills, he prefers to kill up close and personal, thus the short-ranged weapons. He believes it's cowardly to pick someone off from a distance. Though when he's scouting, it isn't rare to find him with a sniper rifle.

PERSONALITY: A man who was once very brutal and ruthless. Though now he directs his anger towards killing the infected and other gang members who threaten the Still tombs. Although he used to never forgive someone who has rubbed him the wrong way, forgiveness is something Judas always offers to someone who actually seems sincere. Even if they are full of bullshit, he will usually give them two chances before throwing all of his trust away and becoming hostile to whoever took those chances for granted. He's a natural leader and holds his ground in defense of those he protects/leads to show that he won't back down or be afraid (for group moral). Although he is a leader, he helps as much as he can with the other ranks of his group, gathering supplies and helping defend from infected/other gangs. He's very religious thanks to his woman, yet because of his past he is still okay with killing. It's just nice to have hope and faith has brought nothing but a new start and contentedness for him.

He's patient, listens to others reasons...but that doesn't mean he doesn't judge them from their first impressions. First impressions are HUGE with this guy and he will remember them forever. The WRONG first impression can have you dead in a matter of seconds so be careful when introducing yourself to him.

HISTORY: Judas was born in the state south of NYC to a single mother who got impregnated while she was in Europe. He grew up as a rebellious individual, committing crimes along with doing anything with his gang of delinquent friends that he thought was fun; Skipped school, did drugs and drank, stole and vandalized. Though with the infection, he migrated north to find more of the chaos he lived off of.

He discovered the gang Gorepeak, and had no trouble meeting their requirements of brutality, if not more-so. Because of this, Judas quickly became an odd-man out with his excessive violence towards other Gorepeak members. There was another member that was eerily similar to him; another Hunter named Guy, and they soon formed a partnership and became like brothers to one another. Together, they even intimidated other Gorepeak members; the men had each other’s back and they could get away with anything. They went on raids together; assaulted, killed, stole, raped, and tortured anyone they could overpower. Judas and Guy only trusted each other, going as far as sharing a blood pact. Though that all changed when Guy killed the previous leader of Gorepeak and there was an influx of power between the two. Before he formed a bond with Guy, Judas himself was not above betraying someone close to him to benefit himself. He feared Guy would betray him and try to kill him so Judas wasn’t a threat for the leadership position. Judas panicked and fled the Gorepeak gang without a word. Many assume he's dead.

Eventually he came across a man named Jenkins, the leader of the Still Tombs, and tried to kill him. Judas had grown so used to having a wingman, he was easily overpowered and outsmarted and beaten to a bloody pulp. Though the leader's daughter showed compassion to the stranger and had him taken into the gang’s camp to have his wounds tended to. Judas didn't know how to comprehend this, he was bedridden for several days and he couldn't move. All that he could think about was the woman who saved his life, and how he didn’t deserve a second chance because of all the bad things he has done in the past. He didn’t understand WHY… While he was recovering, he took every chance to talk to her; the first interactions were slow and awkward. He was given a second chance after being on the brink of death for his selfish behaviors and actions, and the Still Tombs allowed him to stay with them. He mostly followed around the leader's daughter (Anais) and helped her heal the wounded and gather supplies. She taught him about God and about how faith kept her happy despite the surrounding conditions. One thing led to another and they were 'married' with the approval of her father, who just proved that if you give people a second chance they can change (which is why Judas holds true to that belief). Today he is the leader of the Still tombs after Jenkins passed on the rank to him due to his old age. His ‘father-in-law’ now acts as a sort of 'ELDER' leader to the group and watches over and advises while Judas is out. Anais died due to infection not long after.

OTHER: He painted half of his gas mask white after joining the Still Tombs, the white symbolizing his present life while the black side represents his dark past. The dove tattoo on his back is to represent Anais, who gave him a new life in Still Tombs after leaving Gorepeak. The wings are to pay a tribute to his official ref ([link]). Some of that tattoos are from before the Still tombs, though all the religious ones were added on after, along with the Still Tomb gang symbol on his inner left bicep (gorepeak unfortunately still on the opposite bicep along with his 'hunter' rank).

Judas (c) MEEHHH
Guy (c) Eli
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TheEnigmaMan Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
He really reminds me of Daud from Dishonored.
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6'6"? Holy hell XD I could climb him like a tree o3o
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UMAD654 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
More interesting characters. Judas, err, Judd, looks pretty nice. His outfit looks pretty swell, though, it slightly reminds me of Alex Mercer. I love the body art on him, the tattoos seem pretty symbolic. "7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." Has he really submitted to God, has he really resisted the devil? Did he ever had the will to flee? Since he is still killing it seems not, he seems rather stuck in the borderline and that's how he came to who he is now. This is pretty good work, yet, again. :)
drakedarkness Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice abs! '.)
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excellent charachter, i thought it may have been a black powder pistol in his hand but a sawwed of shotgun is even better!
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