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October 3, 2012
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Principal Bane of L4MS by DragonRider13025 Principal Bane of L4MS by DragonRider13025
YES, this is a ref for myself since I am admin of my own :iconl4ms: group, thus making me the principal. I get dragged into the RP sometimes when students have questions or need to be punished and whatnot. (That's what JellyBeans is for) I KIN DRAW PPL GUIZZZZ


-Name: Bane

-Age & Gender: OLD and Male

-Occupation: Principal

-Type of Infected: Immune/Survivor

-How they interact with other students/teach/work: IDFK... I'm pretty lazy and don't really do much work to be honest. I just keep the little zombie kids in line, which has to be done like everyday since they're all little shits. I carry a rifle and keep it in my office whenever I'm bored and feel like sniping children from the window. I got like 3 other vice principals, they can do any of the technical work. BUT IT IS COMIN' OUTTA MY POCKET WHEN I GOTTA REBUILD THE SCHOOL AFTER ITS DESTROYED FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME. Holy shit.

-Personality, Family & Background: I kinda don't have much of a personality to be honest. I'm sorta boring and lazy, I don't really give a shit about anything unless it involves making money and it's even better if I get the kids to do it for me.

Also no family besides Baby Turtle (BT) and JellyBeans.

I made the school for infected kids. The zombie children especially went up in number after the Green Flu's second generation when the first wave of infected people were actually having INFECTED CHILDREN. Whether you're born infected or turned, everyone's welcome. Even immune kids if they want to. The school also provides jobs for adult infected as staff and teaching positions. YO. I FEEL STUPID WRITING THIS.

Video Games

Giant Squids
Destruction to his school

JellyBeans is Bane's loyal pet dragon who lives at the school. He doesn't have wings but he can still fly. MADICKS! Also his special ability is to change colors, so he's really good at sneaking up behind children. He can also change his size to an extent, the smallest he can get is about the size of a horse and that's it. But he uses this to sneak around in the pipes of the school. JellyBeans helps with the discipline of the school. A school full of zombies is a lot to handle for a few survivors. Also if students are bad, they have to change JellyBean's litter box or will sometimes actually be fed to him in serious cases. (SO BE GOOD YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!)

Even though he's told to eat students sometimes, JellyBeans loves attention and will sometimes show himself to random groups of students in the hallway for some pets.
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Jelly Beans reminds me of the Tazz creature from Detentionaire XD
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Shiiiiiit...... *screeches and runs off* I DUNT WANNA BE PUNISHED!!!!!!!
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Love your concept:D
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i drew somethin similar to this it was in my sketch book and i had somethin drew on the top of it, so i put paper over it and i outlined the paper i was drawing over it, when i looked under to see if it leaked through the peices of paper i placed down and what do you no, it did but it was old, the real thing is i'm inspired by your work and i love it
ToxicB Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
I love the way you draw and your comics, their freak'in funny
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AAAA thanks bro
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You're awesome you know that? C'8
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